HSB colour model

HSB is a popular colour model that provides an intuitive way to select and adjust colours in software applications used for graphic design, web development and photography.

  • In the implementation of HSB used in Adobe Illustrator CC, brightness and saturation are used to alter the intensity of a hue. In this way:
    • H=00, S=100%, B= 100% produces a fully saturated primary red hue with maximum intensity.
    • H=00, S=100%, B= 50% produces a darker shade of a fully saturated primary red hue.
    • H=00, S=50%, B= 100% produces a lighter tint and thus a partially de-saturated primary red hue.
  • HSB adjustments can either be made by:
    • Selecting an RGB swatch 255,0,0 (#FF0000) as a stroke or fill for a selected object.
    • Double-clicking the swatch for the selected object, selecting HSB in the Color panel menu and reducing saturation for tints or reducing brightness for shades.
    • Or selecting the Color Guide panel with an object selected and selecting
  • The brightness of a hue is reduced on a display device by reducing the amplitude of the RGB colours produced by each pixel.
  • The brightness of a hue is reduced on a digital printer by increasing the amount of black mixed with red ink.