Rainbows – An Introduction


Here are all the diagrams in our Introduction to Rainbow series.
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Rainbows - An introduction

Each diagram appears on its own page with a full explanation.
Did you know all diagrams are available as FREE downloads?

How to See a Rainbow
Take a Photo of a Rainbow
Rainbow Anatomy
Rainbows Seen From the Air
Rainbows Seen From the Ground
A Rainbow is an Optical Phenomenon
Sun Observer & Rainbow Share Axis
Lower the Sun Higher the Rainbow
Higher the Sun Lower the Rainbow
Rainbows Appear as Arcs of Colour
Apparent Position of a Rainbow
Deflection & Dispersion in Raindrops
Reflection & Refraction in a Raindrop
Dispersion of White Light in a Raindrop
Refraction & Dispersion in a Raindrop
Path of a Red Ray Through a Raindrop
Angle of Deviation in a Raindrop
Angular Distance & Raindrop Colour
Observed Colour of Raindrops
Changing Colour of a Falling Raindrop
Raindrop Elevation & Colour
Alexander's Band
Colour Brightness & Angular Distance
Rainbows as Discs of Colour
Rainbows as Cones of Colour
Rainbows & the Polarization of Light
Polarization of Light in a Raindrop
Path of Parallel Rays Through a Raindrop
Path of Rays Through a Raindrop
Raindrop Anatomy
Raindrop Geometry
Angle of Deviation
Minimum Angle of Deviation
Rainbow Rays
Angles of Deviation - Table
Refractive Index of Water