About us

Ric and Jules joint statement

lightcolourvision.org  grew out of a period of immersive research as we independently developed our MA theses at AUT University Auckland a decade ago. The cutting edge of the current project is formed along the line where our research interests overlap. The interface between the two practices was further refined by an extended period of research in London during 2017 during which we had an opportunity to spend five months working in one of the member’s rooms at Tate Modern in London. It was during that period that the scope and focus of lightcolourvision.org gained traction.

Currently, Jules’s role in the development of lightcolourvision.org is shaped by her responsibilities as HOD of the Art Department and as a visual art and photography teacher at a secondary school in Auckland. Her engagement with young people, which often develops over several years, comes to completion during the Visual Arts Scholarship programme, where her research is most exhaustively tested in practice.

Ric’s role predates his successful application for an MA Scholarship at AUT University, the privilege of occupying a studio space for the better part of four years, and receipt of a Master of Art and Design with 1st class honours. The origins can be traced through preceding decades of involvement in community cultural development. It was that experience that shaped his thesis,  Living Events: a metaphor for design, and then the subsequent determination to tease out the contents of that 65,000-word volume in a range of different settings.

Jules’s creative practice is photography and performance-focused. She recently participated in a group show at a central Auckland gallery where she exhibited new work exploring ink-jet printing onto gold and silver leaf.

Ric’s practice continues to be centred in the philosophy of design and the creative possibilities framed by the question of “how might we live?” as posed by Gilles Deleuze in What is Philosophy?

Ric Mann and Jules Turner currently live in Blockhouse Bay Auckland.

(May 2019)

Ric’s statement

I see this project as differing from anything else I have been involved with in four fundamentally ways.

Jules and I have developed this project out of the fabric of the everyday course of our lives together. It reflects an immediate and embodied way of living our lives.

For me, this isn’t just another initiative within an ongoing succession of projects. It defines this stage of my life in entirely new ways.

As an internet-based project, the community we aim to build forms in real terms out of lines of code. This is very different from land-based local communities, each with its own ecology, institutions and bricks and mortar. As the project grows it explores the virtual interconnections, mediated by the world-wide-web, that are redefining the inter-relationships and connections between the local and the global. It is, of course, these connections we are intent on humanizing.

For my part, this project relies on efforts to deconstruct earlier conceptions of both community and subjectivity. An important part of this is recognition that the micro-politics of community activism produces the embodied experiences through which we recognise the differences between each living, breathing, creative moment of our lives.

Jules’ statement

Ric: relevant experience


  • BA in Art and Design: Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic. Newcastle. UK.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Art & Design Education:  Middlesex Polytechnic. London. UK.
  • Master of Art & Design with Honours (First Class) AUT University. Auckland. Thesis: Living Events: a metaphor for design (2009).


  • Registered Inner London Education Authority Youth Worker.
  • Centerprise Community Centre, Hackney: Project worker: initiating and managing photography, media and print projects with young, and often unemployed, people .
  • Four Corner Cinema and Film Workshop (Channel 4 TV). Workshop coordinator: initiating and managing photography and film workshops and projects.
  • Inner London Education Authority Adult Education Tutor: Community education workshops in photography and film-making in the East End of London.

New Zealand

  • Whitecliffe Art School: Auckland. HOD Photography:  Wrote curricula for all part-time courses and for the school’s first full-time degree course.
  • MediaStudies Trust. Auckland. Founding Trustee. Initiated, designed and produced a series of large-scale community arts projects over the course of a decade.
  • School Trustee: Grey Lynn Primary School Board of Trustees.
  • The City Project: Auckland-wide community arts project involving sixteen community organisations authoring their own stories in tape-slide and video.
  • Community Initiatives: A community cultural development project based in a community caravan in Western Bays, Auckland. The project developed a community newspaper, local history project, green dollar exchange, community mapping project and various school-based projects.
  • Grey Lynn Park Festival Trust: Co-ordinated ten festivals over eleven years.


  • A bridge between territories: a study of community cultural development: ISBN 0473-02448-9.


  • MediaStudies was awarded the New Zealand Peace Foundation Media Peace prize for its work on The City Project.


  • Community Development and Media workshops
  • Surviving the first global revolution: touring workshop
  • Towards cultural partnerships: touring workshop
  • Community planning: touring workshops
  • Community cultural development: touring workshops
  • Photography, video and tape-slide: touring workshops

Community Management Projects 

  • Resource Manual for Grey Lynn Community Centre
  • Community Charter for Grey Lynn and Westmere
  • Uxbridge Community Centre: Operations Review
  • Roy McKenzie Foundation Information Service: Feasibility Study
  • Auckland University Continuing Education: Feasibility Study for Community Cultural Development Training