An electromagnetic, electric, or magnetic field refers to the region surrounding an object where it can exert a force on another object without direct contact between them.

  • A field can be represented by lines that show the direction of a force experienced by other objects within the field.
  • Fields exist due to the presence of a source object, which generates the field and interacts with other objects within its influence.
  • Electromagnetic fields encompass both electric and magnetic components and are interconnected through electromagnetic waves.
  • Electric fields are associated with both positive and negative electric charges and exert forces on charged objects.
  • Magnetic fields are produced by moving electric charges, such as currents in wires, and can influence the behaviour of magnetic materials and charged particles.
  • According to quantum field theory, all particles and forces in the universe arise from the behaviour of underlying fields, which interact with each other and with particles to give rise to the properties and behaviour of matter and energy.
  • Fields play a fundamental role in many areas of physics, such as electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, and general relativity. They provide a framework for understanding the interactions and forces experienced by objects without direct contact.