An object that absorbs all radiation falling on it, at all wavelengths, is called a blackbody.

  • A blackbody is an idealized object that absorbs all electromagnetic radiation, regardless of its angle of incidence, wavelength, frequency or amplitude.
  • When a blackbody emits electromagnetic radiation, the spectral distribution of emissions depends on its overall temperature.
  • The emitted radiation of a black body is called blackbody radiation.
  • Blackbody radiation is the electromagnetic radiation produced by a body in thermodynamic equilibrium with its environment.
  • If sufficient heat is applied to a blackbody, at a certain point its colour will appear orange, at higher temperatures it will then transition from white to pale blue to light blue.
  • Practical applications of the study of blackbody radiation are applied in the development and testing of materials used for lighting, heating and thermal imaging equipment.
  • Blackbody radiation is a cornerstone in the study of quantum mechanics.