LIGHT! Without light we see nothing! Without light, our eyes can not function at all! It is the fact that our eyes respond to light that allows us to gather the information needed to not only see colour but also to make sense of the world. Light has existed since the beginning of time and will still fill the universe long after planet Earth and its inhabitants are forgotten.

COLOUR! If human beings and related species were all to disappear overnight, the world would still be full of light but there would be no colour. Colour is an artefact of human vision, something that only exists for living things like ourselves. Colour is what we see in the presence of light.

VISION! Visual perception is the human ability to see and interpret our surroundings. It results from the sensitivity of our eyes to wavelengths of light corresponding to all the colours we see between red and violet. Visual perception is associated with eyesight but also usually refers to our mind’s ability to make sense of what our eyes see.

HOW TO SEE MORE! When we look more closely at things, we see them afresh and make new discoveries. A careful look at the most familiar everyday situation can reveal unnoticed qualities or a new perspective. Seeing more may involve more than looking closely, sometimes we need to stand back to get a new perspective on things. To see more involves looking beyond jaded perspectives and outmoded suppositions and imaginatively challenging our existing knowledge, experience and assumptions about ourselves and the world.

LIGHT, COLOUR, VISION AND HOW TO SEE MORE are the four core concepts that we have been exploring since late 2015 and which continue to be central to the development of this website. Over time we hope the resources we are developing will become an important source of information and discussion on how these topics shape our lives and our understanding of our lives on planet Earth.

At lightcolourvision.org we are developing resources that delve into the extraordinary connections between these concepts. We are exploring many different dimensions of our everyday experience. We are searching for straightforward explanations and insights into why the world appears as it does.

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