Thank you for dropping by. We hope you will take this opportunity to look around and see how the site is developing. It’s work in progress!

We launched at the end of May 2019 with a public event and fundraiser. Our current focus is on developing the layout, adding features and uploading resources. So, please note that we have a lot more information and images to add and more work to do on the design.

The aim of this project is to provide clear and concise information about light, colour and vision and . . . how to see more! The site has been designed as an educational resource with students, educators and researchers of all ages in mind.

Users may be writing essays, developing presentations or preparing their own resources. Others may use the site to check facts or simply to improve their understanding of the topics we cover.

The Article Library contains a series of essays designed to provide introductions to light, colour, vision and the idea of learning how to see more. Each article introduces the terms and concepts needed to make sense of each topic and then builds a concise overview that avoids confusing detail. Visitors will find that each article is laid out as a series of illustrated pages.

The articles are intended for anyone who is finding it difficult to make sense of light, colour, vision and the connections between them. The problem that many of our visitors are faced with is that light, colour and vision are subjects of enquiry that are explored by specialised communities who often do not write about their work with a general readership in mind or explain how their particular interests relate to general experience. So, the approach we take is to connect everything back to everyday language and common sense.

The Resources Library already contains over 100 slides and diagrams. Each image is presented on its own page and is accompanied by a full explanation. Every page also contains links to our extensive glossary which is designed for visitors who come across unfamiliar terms or need more information. All images are free to download but donations are always much appreciated. Downloads are available in commonly used file formats.

Before completing the download process visitors are asked to agree to our terms and conditions which stipulate that all articles and images on are covered by copyright and made available solely and exclusively for personal, educational and non-profit purposes.

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