Brightness: HSB colour model

  • This entry discusses colour brightness and the HSB colour model, where H represents hue, S represents saturation, and B represents brightness.
  • Colour brightness can be understood as the variation in how a colour is perceived by an observer under well-lit conditions compared to its more muted appearance when in shadow or under poor illumination.
  • In the HSB colour model:
    • Hue refers to the perceived difference between colours and is usually described using names such as red, yellow, green, or blue.
    • Saturation refers to the vividness of a colour compared to an unsaturated colour.
    • Brightness refers to the perceived difference in the appearance of colours under ideal sunlit conditions compared to poor lighting conditions where a hue’s vitality is lost.
      • Brightness can be measured as a percentage from 100% to 0%.
      • As the brightness of a fully saturated hue decreases, it appears progressively darker and achromatic.