Digital screen

A digital screen (or digital display) is an output device for the presentation of information in a visual form.

RGB digital screens are a feature of TV’s, computers, phones, monitors and projectors.

  • Digital screens use RGB-related colour models to display visual information.
  • The colour spaces, and so the range of colours, different screens can display depends on their technology and specifications.
  • RGB digital screens adjust the intensity of red, green and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) within each addressable component of the screen to produce pixels of colour that together produce an image.
  • Fully saturated hues (colours) are produced when pixels in an area of the screen are at maximum intensity (brightness).
  • Darker tones of any hue are produced by decreasing the intensity of light produced by each pixel so producing a dimmed version of a colour.
  • Black is produced by completely turning off the LEDs within a pixel.