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We would like to warmly welcome you to the Campaign Page for our non-profit website

We created to be an empowering and inspirational resource for students, educators and researchers of all ages who share our interest and concern for the lives and education of future generations.

As its name suggests the site explores light, colour, vision and how to see more. You can navigate to other pages on the site using the menu at the top-left of the page.

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2019: Launch and proof of concept

We opened for business with a launch party and crowdfunding campaign in May 2019.  50 supporters helped raise NZ$2745.00 which enabled us to go public and start to map out the road ahead. By the end of the year, the site contained over 550 pages and visitor numbers had grown to 12,000 per month. The table below provides a summary of the resources now available to visitors (all resources are free to download).

Lightcolourvision Jan 2020
Published Description
Images (slides and diagrams)
134 Visitors can instantly download high-quality versions of all the images we have created for the site by navigating to the DIAGRAMS LIBRARY.
Articles 2 We are in the process of publishing a series of fully illustrated articles exploring light, colour, vision and how to see more.
138 This library of DIAGRAMS includes the suite of diagrams and slides we have created and supports them with full-page explanations and related information.
264 The DICTIONARY includes definitions, explanations, summaries and quotes relating to the key terms used across the site. Each term appears on a separate page.
Questions and answers 176 The site includes a library of general-knowledge Q&A’s about light. colour and vision, including in-text links to the DICTIONARY.

2020-22: Building on our success

2020-22 is about building on our successes to date. We have big plans with three main areas of focus:

1. Content: Adding more content to the site and improving how visitors navigate to the resources they need.

2. Fundraising: The first target for each year is to cover our basic running costs. You can see our Budget: Annual running costs here.

Donate Now
The price of a coffee will help 🙂

How you can help!

Explore the site and send us your feedback! What you see today is our proof of concept, a prototype demonstrating masses of functionality and a wide range of different types of content. We are keen to receive your thoughts and feedback on our efforts to date! So please use the feedback button on each page, and help us big-time with your comments.

Make a donation! Our first financial target is always to meet our basic running costs. So, we hope our efforts to date will inspire you to support what we are doing and help us build to the next level. You can make a donation using one of the panels on the right (Below on mobile).

Get involved! Become a citizen. Find out more here.

The story so far

Over the last three years, we have developed the original concept for into a fully-functioning website. Important choices have now been made between different kinds of functionality and features, and we have added a huge amount of content to this prototype. Visitors can now see the result of our efforts including pages and pages of content in both the DIAGRAMS library and the DICTIONARY.

During 2020 we hope to spread our wings further and start to build a bigger community around the site. With a little help, we plan to reach out first to organizations and individuals across Aotearoa New Zealand.

The vision

The website celebrates the common ground that binds human beings together in ways that we hope everyone can identify with.

Our approach to developing content is shaped by the fact that our thoughts are focused first on young minds and how to support them to make sense of themselves and their world. challenges contemporary threats to open, diverse, inclusive and well-informed communities by advocating and demonstrating an appreciation of and care for each other and our world. To achieve this, we disseminate information and promote discussion of the very real processes that interconnect and sustain us on planet earth.

We are committed to responding to the call for people to make web-content that is rich and relevant to communities that respect civil discourse and human dignity and use the open web as a global public resource for people everywhere. is designed as a multi-disciplinary curriculum resource able to function effectively within a range of educational contexts. But it is also designed to play a part in ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated life-long learning. In both contexts, it aims to enhance active citizenship, personal development and self-sustainability.

Thank you to everyone who helped us make 2019 such a success!!

YES!! To all of you, our supporters, THANK YOU AGAIN 🙂

Love and best wishes from Ric, Jules and Melissa


The core team

We are Ric Mann and Jules Turner, the founders and the initial contributing editors of You can read background information and our personal statements here.

And in case you were wondering, yes, everything you see on the site today has been produced on a voluntary basis because we are both committed to this project big time!!


Goals for 2020

Three over-arching goals for 2020 are outlined below:

2020 GOAL ONE: Commission the redesign of the site
The current design of reflects the process we have worked through towards the proof of concept.

An important goal for 2020 is to give the site a contemporary interface with architecture that enables us to move from a free-standing resource to a platform that enables citizens (registered users) to get involved as contributing editors etc.

This means commissioning a web-designer who understands our values-based objectives and can provide the site with a corresponding look and feel. They will also help us to develop functionality that enables citizens to engage with one another in discussion and moderation of existing content and create new resources.


2020 GOAL TWO: Complete all sixteen hand-crafted articles
Complete the package of sixteen hand-crafted, illustrated articles that link our central topics of inquiry – light, colour, vision and how to see more.

These articles introduce and explore the interlinking clusters of concepts and terms that are used across the site. They also help to expose the underlying research interests that motivate us as we develop

The intention is that these articles clearly demonstrate the quality of content we aspire to.


2020 GOAL THREE: Build a community of citizens
In educational terms, an effective community enables its members to set goals, develop key competencies and realize their full personal and social potential.

We hope that everyone who signs-in, subscribes to our newsletter or provides feedback recognizes that they are valued members of the community.

We see the idea of citizenship not as a static concept but as part of the process of growing an online community through a step-by-step process.

An important step for 2020 is to develop functionality so that visitors who sign in as contributing editors can communicate directly with one another and so enable a decentralized community of citizens with shared interests and a sense of shared ownership of the site and its content.


Who is it for?

Students aims to enable students involved in their own lines of inquiry – writing essays, developing presentations, preparing resources or creating artwork. Others may use the site to check facts or to improve their understanding of the topics we cover.


The site aims to resource teachers and educators who need to access resources that enable them to engage students with the topics we cover.

Our articles, for example, aim to provide consistently argued overviews of topics that, draw on families of concepts and terms and are supported by a knowledge-base of definitions, explanations and additional information.

Our diagrams aim to provide an engaging and informative visual counterpoint to discussion within each topic.

Researchers of all ages

Our own academic, professional and personal research underpins the website. Our interests span the visual arts, the philosophy of design, visual arts education and curriculum development. We see as a beacon for discussion of contemporary issues in a shadowed world.

We recognise that the needs of these three interest groups differ. With this in mind, the site targets a general readership first. As a result, content is organised so that the most accessible information is presented first, followed by additional content and links to further resources. Terms and concepts follow the same pattern, meaning that new vocabulary is introduced step by step and point by point.

Research Classroom Student General
Images ???? ???? ???? ????
Explanations ???? ???? ???? ????
Downloads ???? ???? ???? ????
In-line links ???? ???? ????
Bibliography ???? ???? ????
Q&A’s ???? ???? ????
Articles ???? ????
Citizenship ????

The relevance of content to different types of users


Targets for 2020

We have a set of targets for 2020 to do with adding content. You can get a sense of the range of tasks from the table below:

Targets for 2020
Details Progress so far @ 31st March 2020
Edit and proof Final edit and proof of everything uploaded to date 30%
Images Upload fully researched but unfinished content
Articles Final edit and upload three more completed articles about colour
Bibliography Add in-line citations, footnotes and bibliography
Photography Establish the photography section

Working on the design and functionality of the site is a distraction from developing new content that we hope to overcome during 2019. The chart below shows progress so far towards our targets for the year.


Site content: Progress towards 2020 targets


A list of current features and links to examples

Features Details Examples
Images Library of images in the form of diagrams and slides supported by full-page explanations Example
Articles Library of illustrated articles exploring light, colour, vision and how to see more Example
References Reference library of key terms used across the site including definition, explanation and bullet points Example
Q&A’s Pop-up general-knowledge Q&A’s with in-text links to the reference library Example
In-line links Functionality that highlights keywords and links to the reference library Example
Bibliography In-line citations and footnotes are used throughout the site and link to the bibliography.
Free downloads Functionality to download images and articles in formats suited to a range of different uses Example
Citizenship Functionality to enable and encourage user involvement

Table showing the existing features of

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