• Lightcolourvision.org is a non-profit project.
    • It is administered by MediaStudies Trust,  which is registered as a charity in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
    • There are three of us at the heart of the project: Jules Turner, Melissa Durbin and Ric Mann.
    • Together we share the responsibility of being Trustees whilst Ric produces most of the content for the site.
    • Each of us is dedicated to resourcing future generations and to a vision of sustainable growth of all forms of life on planet earth. It is an image of connectedness and of responsibility for each other and our world.
    • All three of us are artists, educators and community-cultural activists.
    • But the project wouldn’t exist without our citizen’s support.
    • Supporters have provided the financial resources to launch and begin the development of the website.

We are deeply endebted to everyone who is helping to grow and develop this project.


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