Why use colour models

About why we use colour models
  • Colour models help to relate and coordinated colours with one another when working with different light sources, media such as paints or inks, objects and materials.
  • Colour models clarify the ways in which coloured lights, transparent inks and opaque paints (etc.) all produce different results when mixed.
  • Colours models help us manage the fact that colours behave and appear differently:
    • When emitted by different types of light sources.
    • Depending upon the type of media – inks, dyes, pigments.
    • When seen or used in different situations (indoors, in sunlight, in low light, on a digital display etc.)
    • When applied to, mixed with, or projected onto different materials.
    • When used for different purposes (fabrics, electrical wiring and components, print media, movies etc.)