An element is made up of atoms that are all of the same type.

  • Elements are the building blocks of matter.
  • Atoms are the particles that elements are composed of.
  • Each element consists of a unique type of atom.
  • Elements are represented by unique symbols, such as H for hydrogen and O for oxygen.
  • Each type of atom has a different number of protons in its nucleus.
  • The atomic number of an atom corresponds to the number of protons in its nucleus.
  • The Periodic Table is a comprehensive inventory of elements, arranged according to their atomic numbers.
  • The Periodic Table categorizes elements with similar properties and reveals trends and patterns in their chemical behaviour.
  • Elements combine to form compounds with distinct characteristics and properties.
  • A compound is a substance made from the combination of two or more elements and held together by chemical bonds that are difficult to break.
  • Compounds have distinct properties that differ from those of their constituent elements.