2020 Budget (basic)

This page shows our anticipated expenditure (2020) for lightcolourvision.org.

We hope to cover our basic running costs (NZ$ 1716.57) before the end of March 2020.

Further fundraising will be ongoing during the year.

Lightcolourvision.org operates under the auspices of MediaStudies Trust, an incorporated society registered as a charitable trust in New Zealand

Budget: basic running costs 2020
Adobe Creative Cloud subscription610.20309.81403.16
Microsoft subscription119.0060.4178.62
Dropbox subscription137.8669.9991.08
WordPress plugins
Content Views subscription34.5417.5322.82
Encyclopedia Pro subscription69.0035.0345.58
Pimwick Bulk Editor subscription77.7939.4951.39
WP Rocket subscription51.8726.3234.27
Yith Donations for Woocommerce subscription84.0042.6255.50
Woocommerce product bundles74.0037.5448.89
Managed WordPress Delux191.8897.36126.78
Domains: lightcolourvision.org + lightcolorvision.org115.9658.8476.61
Standard SSL certificate and privacy settings150.4776.3599.41
Basic running costs
NZ$ 1716.57GBP 871.29US$ 1134.11