Facts about the Sun




To find out more about the diagram above . . . . read on!

Facts about the Sun

Look carefully at the diagram at the top of the page. Now check out the following questions (and answers)!

  1. What is the name of the star at the centre of our solar system?
  2. How does the sun produce energy?
  3. What kind of energy does the sun emit?
  4. What are other names for solar radiation?
  5. What kind of solar radiation can we see?

About the Diagram

Introducing the diagram! Read back and forward between the image at the top of the page and the explanation below!

This diagram introduces the Sun, the star at the centre of our solar system. It lists some useful facts that help explain why it is so important in our lives.

Remember that:

  • The sun is unlike anything else in our experience. Its age, size, temperature are all on a scale apart from life on planet Earth.
  • It explodes with the force of a billion one-megaton nuclear bombs every single second of every single day.
  • Without the energy produced by the sun, life as we know it would not be possible.

Follow the blue links for definitions . . . . or check the summaries of key terms below!

Some Key Terms

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Electromagnetic radiation

Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy more commonly simply called light. Detached from its source, it is transported by ...
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Energy is a property of matter. Everything contains energy including all forms of matter and so all objects. Energy is ...
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Spectral colour

A spectral colour is a colour evoked in normal human vision by a single wavelength of visible light, or by ...
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Sunlight is light emitted by the Sun and is also called daylight or visible light. Sunlight is only one form ...
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Wavelength is a measurement from any point on the path of a wave to the same point on its next ...
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